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24 March 2007 @ 09:47 pm
Everyone one sucks.....I'm bored...... so bored that I actually wrote in this thing.....Meh I'll just keep drinking me beer!

Okay I thought I would put some of the photos from last weekend on, even though I don't really have many but I said I would give them to you same so here they are.
Love Kiki

PS I will admitt that I am in everyone of these photos besides mine, but what can I say....It was Kiki's moving on night.....ha ha ha I had a hot dress ha ha ha (no really, I just feel you all need more photos of me.....HA HA HA see what happens when Kiki is left home alone on a saturday night with no food and only one bottle of beer!!!!) oh also I would like to add that I have offers for Tim tams AGAIN from Lindsay tonight and as bored as I am, I still said NO!!! GET FUCKED!!!! ha ha ha aren't ya just all over the moon for me....a ha ha sorry I am really going on....I stop NOW!!!!....okay I won't because I am still waiting for one more photo to upload.....okkay I will stop NOW!!!!

Okay guys,

If there is anything I am ever to teach you all, let this be it.
Although Red Bull may seem like a tasty drink that you can enjoy at anytime......let it be know that IT IS NOT!!!!! especially not TWO at night........I have already been in bed for over two hours, been on the phone, checked my emails and am about to suck of some nurofen. If you do not want to experience the pain I am feel now......LEARN FROM MY DUMB DUMB DUMB MISTAKE......and think before you drink.

Oh god, the caffine headache!!!! ohhhhhhhhh help me!!!!!!! Damn stupid two for one deal on red bulls!

okay 11:34 hopefully i will be alseep by 3
(oh and for everyone that is going, oh 11:30 what is she complaining about.....let it be known that this is killing me, I normally need about 10hrs sleep just to be able to semi function in the mornings.....I GOD DAMN NEED MY SLEEP!!!!)
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03 October 2006 @ 08:49 pm
I have to say that I think I am pretty much out of the Live Journal link, My work had banded it claiming that it is porn....!!!! So I am very sad!! i know actually have to do work!!!!!!!!!!!
12 September 2006 @ 11:33 pm
Okay here is som photos from the other night. I really love the one of danni karen and sam!
oh also I just did my tax return...I am getting over $1000....I have no idea how I scored that....ha ha ha they are probably going to come banging on my door in a couple of days asking for recepts and what not...oh well....he he he don't know love claiming back study for work!!!!

anways here are the photos

27 August 2006 @ 10:55 am
Hey Miss Ley,

This is for you, just in case you have gotten a chance to check the internet while you have been away.

WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having fun, but can't wait till you come home so we can all have Ley hug!!!!!

Love kiki.
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14 August 2006 @ 07:35 pm

Okay I was bored so I thought I would post some photos from Saturday night, I took a lot of photos, somehow I don't remember when I took them though........funny?????/

I think i need to start getting some of my photos developed, i have like 600 on my computer.....hmmmm thats not very good
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01 August 2006 @ 03:25 pm
Okay so is everyone going to this? I really want to buy my ticket like NOW!! but I don't want to get in to early and everyone miss out and then I am suck by myself.....so what is happening, should we organise the ticket buying or just wing it. I can put a couple on my credit card if ppl want to transfer money into my account......

Let me know
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24 July 2006 @ 10:12 pm

I think I know the answer to this question but I thought I would just check.....

it really isn't good when you Accounting tutor says to you on your first tute that you look like the kind of person that won't be missing any of the tutes......

I Look like a dork don't I........ This really is not good!!!!

Goodness me!!!
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16 July 2006 @ 04:21 pm
okay i feel i need some kind words at the moment...........
Now this may all shock you....... something has happened to me that i never thought possible......... I HAVE LOST MY VOICE!!!!!! Completely, utterly gone, all i can do is wisper and even that kills me!!! It is just wrong me not being able to talk!

okay i have had my little winge, now normally you guys would be getting tones of msgs from me however my stupid phone has decided that it doesn't want me to send text msg thus no contact from your beautiful kiki......can someone please pass that msg on to tam for me i feel so bad she has sent me a view msgs and i haven't been able to reply....so tam I love you too see you soon!!!!

okay well i am going because i need to lie down, i have only had 2 hours sleep today.....i think i am going to need a bit more than that to last through this week.

good luck to everyone in regards to splendour, i hope everything goes well in the planning and organising aspects, may you not forget anything, and all going well i will see you all on sunday (that is if i have a voice, it would be jsut too damn depressing going without a voice to tell you everything) and in tow i will have my presents for you all (okay i want to apolgise now they are really crap, i bought them today just after trying to tell someone something so i was in pain and depressed, so i am sorry in advance!!)

okay well love you all lots and lots!!!!
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09 July 2006 @ 11:43 am
hey everyone!

Okay so I have 9 mins left of internet time so I will write a little more for you today.

okay on friday and went to this cool old toy museum, it was so funny, I have never seen so many scary dolls in the one room!! then I went and bought very very high cool shoes which i thought I would have no problem wearing all night long, alas I have very big sores on my feet still two days later

Saturday went to brighton with stevie (gemma's roommate) ben and gem, met Joel there and he showed me and ben all around brighton, a very cool place if any of you should ever come to london, def take the time to come here.

got very very sunburnt, have the worst sunglasses tan in the world. me gem and stevie were like eh as if we need suncream we are from australia.....well being jackasses meant we were all tomatos on the way home

today I am off to camdem markets with everyone which shall be fun, I am planning to buy you all lots of pressie from the markets today, so everyone wish me good shopping luck!!!

tonight I am going to watch the final of the soccor, I hope everyone is going for France to win!!!

ummmmmmm well that is it from me for now

I hope you all have lovely weeks as work (te he I don't get up until about 11 here.....it is sooooo good!!)

i love you all lots and miss everyone, I can't wait to see you all

love you all
love kiki

P.S this town in wierd, I have gotten a tan!!!! I never thought that could happen to me!!! GOODNESS